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   Hello Sailor!









  At your service










  Classic Burlesque










   Naughty but nice!






  Diamonds and Pearls





   Outdoors Beach Bikini








   Vintage Saloon Girls










   Lawful Lady


 Playboy Bunny 







   Lingerie Party











   Snow Queen





   The Cotton Club










   Girls Next Door







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Brisbane and Gold Coast Burlesque Dancers are now the rage. Brisbane and Gold Coast nightclubs are filling up with audiences who can’t get enough. Burlesque Dancing is so popular that Burlesque Dance auditions are becoming a weekly event. A Burlesque Dancer in Brisbane or the Gold Coast can now be employed full time.

Ads in the Courier Mail classifieds are growing. Burlesque Girls are not just available for Burlesque Shows. Brisbane and Gold Coast Dancers who love Burlesque are performing at Buck’s Nights, Hen’s Parties, Engagement Parties, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Burlesque Parties, Divorce Parties, Corporate Functions, Stag Nights, Brisbane and Gold Coast Events and Brisbane and Gold Coast Promotions.

Burlesque Dancers are using Brisbane and Gold Coast photography studios for their professional photos, resumes and even social photo albums. Music video film production houses have hired Burlesque dancers to glamourise rock bands, recording artists and other singers’ videos. The Australian Music Industry has always been innovative with music videos mixing rock music, theatre and the visual arts together. Television commercials are going Burlesque.

Seen the Bonds ad lately? Sarah Murdoch has a great Burlesque look in her latest TV ad.  


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