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Sydney Choreographers are being sought after for new Burlesque Shows around Sydney nightclubs. Australian Choreographers, who were used for mainly hip-hop and rap over the last two decades are now being replaced by Burlesque Dance choreographers who know and love the sophistication and sexiness of Burlseque theatre.

Contemporary Burlesque Choreography entails comedy, sensuality, the art of the tease, the elegance of a runway model, Burlesque movements, feminine poses and slow, seductive rhythms.Variety is the spice of life and Burlesque choreography encopasses it all. The dances should always be entertaining. Unique, anticipatory, and just a little breath taking. Burlesque dancing is truly a test of a choreographer’s skill, as sometimes the simplest and easiest performance hides a complexity of movement.

Burlesque music can be as varied as the Burlesque dance acts themselves.

Choreography for the Pussycat Dolls stage show usually contains some modern Burlesque, but the Choreographic dance routines in the movie “Burlesque”, with Christina Aguilera, are more jazz ballet than modern Burlesque. Look for music video clips on Burlesque dancing on YouTube for an idea of the variety of choreographic influences that Burlesque dance can take.

There are numerous brilliant Sydney choreographers who can create the true art of Burlesque as well as the modern take on it.

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